Are you fed up searching for the perfect rug to make your room look elegant, and stylish? Then look no further than a Turkish patchwork rug. Available in a wide range of styles, shapes, colours and sizes. Patchwork rugs are a perfect choice for any room, are resilient, easy to clean and can cope with high traffic areas around the house.

Turkish Patchwork Rugs – An Overview

Numerous authentic rugs are used in the creation of one unique piece. Most Patchwork overdye rugs come from original Turkish carpets aged between 40-70 years old. These older rugs are specifically chosen for each design. The unique patches are selected and then cut, trimmed, cleaned and hand sewn together by artisans and finished with a cotton backing. This creates a unique and vintage piece that maintains its cultural heritage. Hard wearing and easy to clean. A beautiful and popular rug to bring life into any room in your home with an affordable price tag.

Patchwork Overdye

Patchwork rugs are made from a variety of different materials and styles of Turkish rugs which give these pieces their authenticity and heritage making every piece completely unique. The vibrant contrasting colours used on overdye pieces are normally added in later years to modernise the piece. The effect can be spell binding and often give overdye patchwork rugs their modern look.

Patchwork Kilims

Authentic Semi-Antique Kilim Patchwork Rug 240cm x 170cm

Kilim Rugs have been produced in Turkey for many centuries. Each Kilim is unique and can sometimes take years to make. Coming from different regions and villages all using their own designs, colouring, symbols and motifs, each Kilim has its own story. The amount of work and craftsmanship that go into each rug, and then after when they are re-invented into Patchwork Kilims, cannot be underestimated.

With a unique flatweave knotting style and rustic look Kilim patchwork rugs are easily identifiable.

Most patchwork Kilim rugs have been created from 50 to 80-year-old hand-woven Turkish Kilims. Craftsman and artisans turn these older classics into stunning new and unique Kilim patchwork rugs

Different Types of Turkish Patchwork Rugs

There are many different types of Turkish patchwork rugs available now although by far the most popular are overdyed patchwork rugs and Kilim patchwork rugs. You can also find Caput and Hemp patchwork rugs. Each type comes with its own unique style and design.

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