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Turkish Rug Bazaar’s online store was established in 2020, but its history and heritage can be traced back to three generations of a family of carpet sellers in the Grand Bazaar Istanbul which began in 1944.

Our U.K director, Colin Thompson, became hypnotised with this beautiful and historical city on his first visit in 1994 and whose passion for Istanbul, its people and the Grand Bazaar continues to date.

In 1944 Mehmet Yilmaz’s grandfather first started work at the Grand Bazaar. As a young boy he would carry rugs and carpets around and do simple repairs and went on to learn his trade. His knowledge and skills were passed down to his son who in 1965 opened his first shop in the Bazaar.

Colin Thompson & Mehmet Yilmaz of Turkish Rug Bazaar Ltd

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Who would have thought that 55 years later this family run business has grown and now has five carpet stores, a tea shop, spice shop and manufactures some of its own products.

Mehmet has been running the business since his father retired in 1999.

Turkish Rug Bazaar are extremely excited about this next chapter in their business. With a global reach we will now be able to send authentic, historical, quality rugs and carpets direct from Istanbul to anywhere around the world in a matter of days.

Turkish Rug Bazaar considers it an obligation to our customers to make sure they are completely satisfied with both the products and the service they receive.

We have a business page on Facebook and if you have any queries or need any assistance with regards to our products or services please contact us at: info@turkishrugbazaar.com

Your custom and loyalty will always be appreciated!

Many Thanks,

Mehmet and Colin

Turkish Rug Bazaar Ltd

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